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Moving to a New Blogging Platform

Octopress has treated me well over the years, but with the advent of more modern blogging platforms like Ghost I decided it was time to switch. Check out my new ghost blog!

Ghost advantages

  1. Open source for hackability.
  2. Hosted and self-hosted offerings, with easy migration either direction.
  3. Very clean interface like Medium.
  4. You own all your content, unlike Medium.
  5. Extensible with plugins and themes.
  6. Easy to inject markdown snippets or embed many types of content.
  7. WYSIWIG editing straight from the browser is really nice and feels like a faster workflow.
  8. There are options to create a paid newsletter (a la substack).

Ghost disadvantages

  1. Since it’s not a static blog, you can’t just push to github pages and be done with it.
  2. Self-hosting is a bit of a pain. My server ran out of memory and I ended up throwing in the towel and going with the Ghost Pro hosted version for now. (though I can always easily go back later, which is nice)
  3. Ghost Pro costs money.

Octopress advantages

  1. When published to github pages, you get an amazing lightning-fast hosting service completely free.
  2. Markdown-centric means the content is very portable to other places that natively support markdown.

Octopress disadvantages

  1. Maintaining the ruby tooling can be a bit of a pain. Upgrading is scary, so I got stuck at an old version.
  2. Extensibility seemed like a pain so I personally didn’t bother.
  3. Feels a bit archaic at this point.